Thursday, November 10, 2011

Vendor Spotlight 14

I am always so excited about this vendor: The Open Door. They offer handpainted rugs, placemats, tablerunners, and home decor items! I just LOVE these rugs. The first one pictured has been in my kitchen for the past 2 years, and it looks just as good as the day I got it (mopped on and all). They really do add a lot to your kitchen. These rugs are normally just $40, which is a steal... but for this ONE DAY ONLY they will be $30.... WOW.

And, she's coming all the way from Jackson, MS, so be sure to come check out her items. She doesn't have a website, so to get one you've got to come to Christmas in the Valley. These are just a few of her many designs. She's got something for everyone. I'm definitely looking to get placemats this year. These really are GREAT gift items, so come out and get one for yourself and your family and friends on your shopping list.

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